Laser hair removal is a very appealing treatment to finally get rid of unwanted hair and essentially, NEVER SHAVE AGAIN! There is just one problem, the expensive price tag. We thought it would be a great idea to open a business offering laser hair removal at an affordable price. You ask, “How can your business offer these low prices, when others are charging an arm and a leg?” At Bare Element we cut down costs by keeping it simple and minimize our advertising budget. We then pass these savings on to our customers in order to provide affordable quality laser hair removal. You ask, how do we keep it simple? At Bare Element we offer you low pricing per treatment, we do not offer high price packaging. Bare Element is operated and owned by healthcare professionals, offering a wealth of experience and knowledge in laser hair removal. So if you're looking for a laser hair removal salon with affordable pricing, a relaxed atmosphere, and friendly experienced professional staff, look no further!

Why Laser?

According to the Huffington post, the average person spends 72 days shaving their legs in a lifetime. If you are a shaver, waxer, or a plucker imagine using this time to do fun things not consisting of continuously trying to get rid of your unwanted hair. 

Benefits of laser hair removal:

  • You no longer need to take hour long showers to shave, ultimately saving on your water bill and precious time.
  • Laser hair removal is an investment enabling you to throw out your wax or razors, and never buy them again.
  • Get rid of those unwanted embarrassing razor bumps for good!
  • Enjoy a lifetime of smooth, soft, hairless skin!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser light is attracted to your dark pigment hair follicle by heating the hair, and causing it not to grow back after various treatments. The hair follicle must be treated in various points of the hair growth process, this is why the average customer will need 6-10 treatments. Once these hairs are treated and gone, they are gone for good!*

*If you are looking to treat an area of your body with blonde, grey, or light strawberry blonde hair the laser will not pick up the color, therefore the laser will not get rid of these hairs. If you are questioning if you are a candidate due to your light hair, come on in, we will let you know if our laser can get rid of your unwanted hair. Renewed hair growth is unusual for the average customer but can be caused by age, hormones, heredity, stress, medication, and other factors. Because of this, we do offer HALF OFF after you've had 10 full treatments on a body area, for customers that may have "resistant" hair follicles.


The Laser Hair Removal Process





WAITING PERIOD (4-8 weeks)



Our Laser

The Candela brand lasers continue to be the top of the line laser machines in the laser business industry. Our FDA approved Alexandrite and YAG Lasers deliver laser energy through a small hand piece operated by the medical laser technician. Our Candela Lasers can effectively treat ALL skin types 1-6. We do not expect you to know your skin type, we will type your skin when consulting with you at your initial appointment. Many laser salons use a machine equipped with a “diode” laser, which is not as effective for laser hair removal. The “diode” laser’s energy is scattered, reducing the energy directed at the root of the hair, in turn reducing the effect of hair removal. Our lasers deliver a direct beam of light, penetrating slightly deeper, to effectively damage the root of the hair follicle. The intense beam of light is absorbed by the hair follicle and converted to heat, disabling its ability to grow. Although the laser only targets the hair follicle, the hair follicle can transmit heat to the surrounding tissue for a few milliseconds. Our Candela lasers are equipped with a Dynamic Cooling Device which prepares the skin for treatment by spraying the upper layer of skin with a cooling burst just before the laser pulse. This cooling burst will minimize or eliminate any discomfort.


Pre-Laser Hair Removal

  • The area we are lasering can not have a current tan. Avoid the sun or indoor tanning for 3-4 weeks before your treatment. If you will be in the sun, use sunblock with 50 SPF on the area that you are lasering. If you come in with a tan or sunburn, for safety reasons, you will need to come back in for your treatment at a later time. 
  • DO NOT use sunless tanning products on the area you are lasering, if this is present you will have to come back at a later time for safety reasons.  
  • DO NOT pluck or wax the area for approximately 3 weeks prior to coming in for laser treatment. Your hair must be in the follicle for effective hair removal. 
  • DO NOT apply any products to the area being treated. This includes, makeup, lotion, toner, perfume, and deodorant. 
  • Shave the area closely the day before or the day of your laser treatment. Why? The shorter the hair length, the more effective the laser is to reaching the hair follicle. If you forget to shave or can’t reach your back, we will shave it for you for an additional charge of $20.
  • If you currently use the topical "Retin-A" you must refrain from applying this for one week prior to your treatment, no matter what body part we are lasering.
  • You cannot have this treatment done if you are on a photosensitizing medication, if you are unsure, give us a call we have a list of all photosensitizing medications.
  • You cannot have laser hair removal if you are pregnant.
  • If you have a history of coldsores/herpes you must take antiviral medication for 3 days prior to your appointment. If you don't have an antiviral RX, over the counter Lysine is recommneded, (Follow dosage and directions as directed on bottle).
  • If you had botox you must wait 4 weeks to be treated, if you recently had filler, you must wait 6 weeks.
  • Before booking, click the button below to read our Laser FAQ Page!

Post-Laser Hair Removal

After your treatment your skin will be slightly reddened. Depending on the individual, the redness will subside in minutes to a day.

  • It is EXTREMELY important for our clients to understand that laser hair removal causes heat within the skin. After your treatment you must refrain from adding "extra" heat from other sources which can cause a burn. This additional heat can come form the sun, working out, heated car seats, saunas, heated blankets, and hot tubs. Please refrain from theses activities for 48 hours post treatment.
  • DO NOT work out, participate in strenuous activity, use a hot tub, use heated car seats, or use a sauna for 48 hours post treatment. 
  •  DO NOT expose the lasered area to the sun at all for the first 48 hours post treatment, thereafter in-between your treatments use a sunblock with 50 SPF on the lasered area if you will be in the sun.
  • Small red areas may be present directly around individual hairs after your treatment, this is NORMAL and EXPECTED. The redness and or bumps will subside in minutes to one day. Immediately after treatment, for comfort, you can apply aloe vera and or a cool compress which will help to alleviate any redness.
  • After about a week you may notice the “shedding phase.” During this phase, some burnt or dead hairs will appear to be falling out, these are the hairs that were in the active growth phase. Once the lasered area returns to normal, you can exfoliate to help the “shedding process.” You will then experience some time with little to no hair growth. Once you notice hair growth again, usually between 4-6 weeks after your treatment, you will be ready for another treatment to target the next hair growth cycle! Remember to keep your treated area out of the sun in between your treatments or wear SPF 50 on the area.