What is Dermaplaning?

A dermaplane treatment involves the use of a scalpel to exfoliate and remove a layer of dead skin as well as vellous hair.

The treatment is done on cleansed dry skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. Our 24K Gold Collagen Hydrating Mask will be applied after your treatment for 10 minutes.

  • An instant glowing, youthful complexion

  • A smoother complexion by removing all vellous hair, improving your makeup application

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen production

  • Matrix proteins, such as collagen and elastin, are largely responsible for the visible signs of aging. The trauma to the skin from dermaplaning promote the production of collagen and elastin formulation, an excellent treatment for anti-aging.

  • Improved skin tone and texture

  • Diminished appearance of hyper-pigmentation (Age spots/ sun spots)

  • Improves the level of absorption of your topical facial products

  • Diminishes "acne break-outs"


Dermaplaning FAQ


How long will the treatment take?

Your face will be cleansed if it is not already, and all makeup will be removed. The dermaplane treatment will begin, once it is completed a Hyaluronic Serum will be applied to your face/neck. The full treatment will take 30 minutes.

Will the treatment hurt?

The treatment is completely painless and relaxing

Will my vellus hair grow back in thicker?

It is physiologically impossible for thin vellous hair to grow back in thicker.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes. A registered nurse with many years experience in dermaplaning will perform your treatment.

How often will I need a dermaplane treatment done?

It is recommended to have a dermaplane treatment done every 2-3 months.

Can a dermaplane treatment be performed on anyone?

No, you are not a candidate for a dermaplane treatment if:

  • You are pregnant or nursing

  • You used Acutane in the last year

  • You received botox in the in the last month

  • You are a diabetic

  • You have a viral infection (Ex. Shingles)

  • You are on a blood thinner (Ex. Aspirin, plavix, coumadin)

  • You are prone to keloids

  • You have a skin disease

  • You had a chemical peel in the last 30 days

Is there any down time?

No. Your face may be slightly red for the first 20 minutes post treatment and slightly dryer than normal, increased face/neck hydration is recommended with your home skin care regimen.



Dermaplaning $55

Dermaplaning Plus 15 Minute LED Light Add On $75

Dermaplaning Plus 15 Minute Hydrojelly Peel Off Mask $80

Dermaplaning Plus JetPeel Serum Infusion $85

Dermaplaning Plus Jet Hyaluronic Infusion and 15 Minute LED Light Session $100

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