Are you unhappy with your semi-permanent eyebrow microblading? At Bare Element, we have had many clients request our Microblader to “fix” microblading work from another salon. Unfortunatley we are not able to microblade over previous work that has not faded to a certain extent, doing so would result in a very unnatural look. We are excited to announce we have found a solution proving great results to fade unwanted microblading! Our innovative JetPeel machine has the technology to infuse 10% Glycolic Acid into the dermal layer of the skin (where the pigment resides), erasing the pigment. Once the unwanted microblading has faded with a minimal amount of pigment remaining, our Microblader will then be able to microblade your perfect brow!


How does the process work?

After completing a quick skin history form, your brows will be cleansed and your eyes will be protected. We will then infuse our 10% Glycolic Acid in a back and fourth motion with our JetPeel Machine which will reach the dermal layer of the skin. Once the Glycolic is applyed into the skin, you will feel a slight itching sensation. The 10% Glycolic Acid will remain on the skin for 4 mintues and will then be cleansed off with our Jet Detox Solution.

How many treatments will I need?

Treatment numbers vary depending on pigment color, and skin type. Our team will assess your brows and predict an approximate session total for you. The average client will need between 4-6 treatments every 1-2 weeks.

Does the treatment hurt?

No, the treatment will not hurt, you will have a mild irritation while the Glycolic is sitting on your skin. Once it has been washed off twice, you will not have any irritation.


One Jet Pigment Fading Session


Three Jet Pigment Fading Sessions


Six Jet Pigment Fading Sessions


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